Keyforall - A Smart Keypad Lock Made for Sharing
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Your own personal doorman

A Smart Keypad Lock For Sharing

You don’t need to be rich to provide a rich experience

We built the Keyforall to simplify the experience of letting guests into your home. It’s a smart keypad lock that combines WiFi, the Cloud, and Bluetooth to make your life easier. The Keyforall uses your guest’s unique code or smart phone to identify them. It’s like having a robot doorman. Though it won’t carry your guest’s luggage… yet.

See Who Opened The Door

Since the Keyforall is really smart it can tell you who opened (or closed) your door and when it happened. The best part is you can do this from any computer or smart device.

The Keyforall smart lock phone application makes it easy to share and log access to your property as a host

Manage Your Door From Anywhere

The Keyforall is connected to the Internet through your home WiFi network, so you can remotely share access and control your lock no matter where you are. On vacation in Paris, but your brother needs to stay at your place for a few nights? Not a problem with the Keyforall! Just use the Keyforall app to share access with your brother.

Manage your Keyforall from anywhere

through the cloud

Manage your Keyforall from anywhere


Interested? Pre-order your Keyforall now. You won’t be charged until we ship.