Alpha Testing Hardware - Keyforall
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Alpha Testing Hardware

Keyforall alpha test unit

01 Sep Alpha Testing Hardware

We installed our first Keyforall smart deadbolt! It’s a very early version that we consider an alpha test unit. Alpha testing hardware is a huge milestone for us, as we’ve been neck-deep in code, CAD software, and product planning for the past two months.

So who has it?Meet Ce! She’s an Airbnb Superhost in Boston and she’s excited to be our first guinea pi… uh, alpha tester.

Ce the alpha tester

So what’s an alpha test  for hardware? Well as you might guess, it’s the test before the beta test. But honestly, it varies from product to product.

For us, that means we’ve created a product that is definitely not ready for mass production, but it has many features that implement the goals for the product. For all the Lean Startup folks out there, think of it as an MVP that’s not ready for beta-testing yet. We understand that this Keyforall unit will require a lot of baby-sitting on our parts, which is why it’s installed at a place near us.

Before we pushed this alpha test unit we’ve had two units installed on our own houses. There’s that whole saying about eating your own dog food right? Well, we trusted our own lock to keep our houses safe. Of course we found bugs that locked us out, and at some point the code to my door was actually just 1234. But so far, no doors have been unexpectedly unlocked.

As for beta testing, look for more updates from us in the near future as we further develop the Keyforall. And if you want to stay in the loop signup for our development mailing list. Until next time!

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