Keyforall - Airbnb Smart Lock - FAQs
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Q: Don’t others companies already make smart locks?


A: Yes. There are a few on the market like the August, Kevo, Lockitron, just to name a few. We think the locks they make are awesome, but we also think they are not meant for heavy sharing users like Airbnb hosts. That’s why we’re making the Keyforall, a lock and a platform to make property management easier for Airbnb hosts.





Q: Why should I trust you to keep my door locked?


A: Great question! Because at its heart the Keyforall uses the same deadbolt lock technology that has been protecting homes for decades. On the Internet side of things we’re using the same level of encryption that banks use for your login data.





Q: How does it work?


A: You can manage your lock from anywhere in the world through the Internet and the cloud. This includes things like unlocking your door, granting access to new guests, revoking access, creating new door codes, and tracking who’s been in your house.

Once you’ve granted your guests’ access, their smartphones will automatically authenticate with your Keyforall lock using Bluetooth. They don’t even need to take their phone out to unlock your door. Alternatively, they can use a keycode that has been created just for them. Once you revoke their access their keycode will stop functioning as well.

How it works






A: Soon! Unfortunately, it takes a lot more time than we’d like to build something like the Keyforall. We expect to be open for pre-orders in late August. In the meantime, you can drop us your email, and we’ll send you product updates when we have them.




Q: Why Airbnb hosts?


A: We love the sharing economy! And we want to help it grow. By freeing up time for Airbnb hosts we hope we can help them be better hosts–also, so we can have more awesome places to stay when we travel.




Q: I’m not an Airbnb host. Can I still use the Keyforall?


A: Of course! The Keyforall can be installed on most standard home doors, and it’s great for anyone with frequent guests (or kids).