Simplify Your Life With A Smart Deadbolt
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Keyforall a Smart Lock for Smart People

Simplify your life with a smart deadbolt

Get rid of keys with the keyforall


The keyforall is a full deadbolt replacement smart lock designed for simplicity. We’re always juggling our keys trying to get into our homes, losing them, or trusting others to hang on to them—what if we took keys out of the equation altogether? Our lock allows you to unlock your home and grant others access to it, just using your smartphone or computer. Being a smart lock, it doesn’t stop there. The keyforall can also notify you of who has been in your home, and when they came in, ensuring that you are in control of your home at all times.


The Keyforall smart lock phone application makes it easy to share and log access to your property as an Airbnb host


How does it work?

You can grant access to another smartphone by using our app. When the guest approaches your home to begin their stay, their phone automatically authenticates and connects with the lock via Bluetooth, allowing the guest to unlock the door and enter your home. Once you revoke access from a guest, their smartphone will no longer authenticate with the lock.


Our lock also acts as a numeric keypad. You can assign unique key codes to different people, and remove codes from the system when you no longer want to grant them access. For example, you are going on vacation for a week and ask a friend to feed the cat while you’re gone; you simply assign them a unique key code for that week only so they can get in and out with ease—and you can check notifications on entry to see if they are actually feeding Mr. Snuggles.


Finally, we did leave a regular key slot hidden under the front cover in case you’re feeling old-school.


On the security front, we use the same level of encryption that banks use to protect your information to transfer information between phones and grant access to your lock.


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Keyforall is a full deadbolt replacement lock with three modes of entry: smartphone, keypad, or key


Imagine a keyless world

The Keyforall is the key to a connected future. With this product, we can make smart homes even smarter. Our goal with this product is to get rid of keys altogether and simplify people’s lives. We want a world where your home automatically unlocks for you and only those who you grant access to. We want a world where as soon as you enter your home, the thermostat brings the house to your perfect temperature, and the lights turn on automatically. We want a world of simplicity and convenience. We want a world designed around you.



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